The Spoiled! Story

Cece Hendricks | Owner of Spoiled!

While living and traveling throughout Europe, "Social Light" CeCe Hendriks was inspired by the children's clothing and accessories she saw abroad... from Milan to Istanbul, from Rome to Paris, there was no shortage of fashion inspiration.

Her son Jordan always dressed to impress, which has inspired not only the concept but also the name of the brand. CeCe was always concerned as to what to do when Jordan grew out of his clothes, realizing that he sometimes grew so quickly he never got to wear many of the pieces she bought from all over the world.

After talking to and observing mothers in her situation, CeCe created SPOILED! CeCe Hendriks can often be seen in many celebrity circles, so you never know whose celebrity's clothes your child just may be wearing. She takes pride in personally picking the items in which you see! She LOVES what she does. Most importantly, she hopes you and your children enjoy being SPOILED!


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